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The Brand New “Duo” Range

For Greyhounds & Whippets

Simple design. Beautiful Colour Combinations.

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Blas & Co specialises in unique clothing for Greyhounds, Whippets and Galgos, with a focus on beautiful organic fabrics and comfortable designs.

Blas & Co - Handmade Greyhound & Whippet Clothing


Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co Cuddlepillar Jumper


Greyhound wearing a bright blue Blas & Co Vest, with dinosaurs and star constellations


Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co Everyday Hound Tankini in Yellow


What Do Our Customers Think?

Don’t just take our word for it! Find out why the sighthound community cannot stop growing their Blas & Co wardrobes…

Greyhound Fleece Snood - Forest Adventure - Blas & Co - Greyhound Clothing


Blas & Co - Handmade Greyhound & Whippet Clothing

Neck Ties

Handsome Man wearing a beautiful Blas & Co Fleece Snood


Women wearing a beautiful Blas & Co scrunchie


Our ‘Future Fashounds’ Promise

Every pyjama, t-shirt or jumper your hound wears will be directly helping another sighthound find their furever home.

The “Cuddlepillar” Collection

Go Matchy-Matchy with Your Hounds Favourite Toy!

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The “Everyday” Range

Simple, Durable, Budget friendly and with NO Compromise on Quality

Living with Greyhounds & Whippets

Tips & tricks for navigating life alongside a noodle horse

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