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The Blas & Co Story

Blas & Co specialises in unique clothing for Greyhounds, Whippet, Galgos and Sighthounds, with a focus on beautiful organic fabrics and comfortable designs.

The Maker

The heart and soul of Blas & Co

Carmen R. Blasco

Originally from Sevilla, Spain, I was actually afraid of dogs until I moved to the UK and slowly became more comfortable around them when I had to interact with my partner’s family pet on a daily basis.

Soon after that, I learnt about the plight of the Galgos in Spain and the Greyhound racing industry in the UK and Ireland, and I knew if I ever had a dog it would have to be a rescue sighthound. 

Carmen R Blasco from Blas & Co, working at a sewing machine

I had learnt to sew during my University years and it became a hobby I really enjoyed; I have always loved taking a design idea and turning it into a reality.

So in the summer of 2020, during the national lockdowns and with two Greyhounds now in tow, I decided to take my passion for sewing and try to bring some positive vibes to as many people (and dogs!) as I could with a selection of colourful and playful fabrics – and so Blas & Co was born!

In February 2021 I launched our first hound clothing collection, and since then the Blas & Co brand has gone from strength to strength. Less than a year later I left my job to devote all of my time and energy to the business.

How It All Began - The Blas & Co Story

The Brand

Who we are is just as important as what we do

A name is everything

My mother’s surname is Blasco. She is a great role model in many ways and her side of the family is known for being very entrepreneurial.

Along with the fact that this project wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of my partner, my dogs and many others along the way, the idea of calling our brand “Blas & Co” just encompassed everything perfectly. As soon as it was down on paper there was no turning back!

How It All Began - The Blas & Co Story

UK based with a Spanish Soul

You will see loads of polka dots around our shop and that is because both I and our rainbow girl Pepa are originally from south Spain, where polka dot fabrics (lunares) are the characteristic pattern of the region’s famous flamenco dresses.

From the very start of Blas & Co I knew lunares and bright, fun patterns had to be at the centre of everything we designed – they are a reflection of my roots and who I am.

How It All Began - The Blas & Co Story

Sustainable at our core

We only have one planet to live on and we want to ensure that our products are made with as small an impact on the environment as possible.

All of our jersey cotton fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified, and we do our best to source certified organic cotton materials. On top of this our delivery packaging is 100% recyclable, and we reuse almost all the fabric scraps we create!

Visit here to learn more about how we are keeping Blas & Co sustainable.

Rolls of Certified Organic fabrics being used at Blas & Co

The Studio

Where our ideas turn into reality

Handcrafted AT HOME

Our studio is based at our home in the heart of Shropshire, England. All our products are designed, prototyped and handmade here with loads of love and care.

I started Blas & Co sat at our dining room table with a very basic sewing machine. At first we only offered a small range of human and hound accessories made from bright and colourful premium cotton fabrics.

How It All Began - The Blas & Co Story

A journey of design

The ultimate goal, though, was always to design clothing for greyhounds and other sighthounds.

As a greyhound parent myself, I was acutely aware of how much greyhounds needed clothing in the winter months. I had struggled to find UK based businesses that offered garments suited for a greyhound’s characteristic body shape that were also made of natural fabrics, and particularly organic cotton.

How It All Began - The Blas & Co Story

With time and dedication, I developed our first collection of greyhound t-shirts which launched in early 2021, and have continually updated our designs and added new product lines ever since, based on the feedback of our wonderful customers.

As Blas & Co grows we will always continue to innovate and design new ways for you to keep your hounds warm, cosy and protected all year round.

How It All Began - The Blas & Co Story

The Doggos

The reason for everything we do

Mozzie 🌈

Mozzie 🌈

Human Resources

Providing much needed moral support when required, and always making sure to keep my work/life balance in check with demands for treatos and sofa time.
Mozzie sadly gained his wings in the Summer of 2023, but will always be remembered as the heart and soul of Blas & Co.




Dora joined us in November 2020 and has become a fantastic addition to the team!
She is a very cheeky girl who obviously finds the sound of the sewing machines soothing because she spends most of the work day napping!

Pepa 🌈

Pepa 🌈

Rainbow Bridge Ambassadog

A cuddle monster with a very curious personality.
Pepa sadly passed away shortly after we launched Blas & Co. She will forever be remembered as a huge part of our team and an inspiration for everything we do.

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