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Working with organisations that rescue, rehabilitate and rehome sighthounds

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RIGHT (Rehoming Irish Greyhounds Team)!

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Working with organisations that rescue, rehabilitate and re-home sighthounds is a huge part of our lives, and it is at the core of everything we do here at Blas & Co.

We created the Future Fashounds initiative to formalise our commitment to helping give back to the hounds which we all love and adore so much, and enable us to be transparent in showing you what effect your purchases are directly having on the wider sighthound community.

What is Future Fashounds?

So what does this actually mean in practice? Simply put, we donate £1 for every item of hound clothing we sell, worldwide, across all our sales channels.

This means that every single t-shirt or jumper your hound wears will be directly helping another sighthound find their furever home.

Who Gets the Money?

As you can imagine, deciding the beneficiaries for Future Fashounds is an incredibly tough job. There are thousands of wonderful volunteer-led organisations around the world, with so many individuals behind them working tirelessly to help and love dogs in need.

The organisations that receive donations are primarily sighthound rescue centres that save, care for and help dogs find their perfect family. Rescue centres that are volunteer-run and do not receive any industry funding. 

You can see details on all the charities we have helped below, including the current beneficiary, and we update this page with details of ongoing donations as they happen so you can always see the positive impact your purchases are having on hounds in need across the world.

When Do You Donate?

In order to distribute the proceeds as fairly as possible a new charity is chosen at the beginning of each quarter. We keep track of all the hound clothing sold during that quarter and make a single donation to the charity at the end.

We will of course keep you all in the loop via our newsletter and social media channels throughout the year. Make sure you keep an eye out for the #futurefashounds hashtag!

How Can I Help?

Tell your friends in the sighthound community! Shout it from the rooftops!

It really warms our hearts to know that each item of clothing we make not only helps to protect the hound that wears it (and keep them snuggly warm!), but also goes towards helping another, Future Fashound, get one step closer to joining the family they deserve so much.

We really hope you and your fellow hound pawrents love this idea as much as we do.

Q4 2023

We are delighted to announce that the Q4 2023 (October to December) beneficiary of the Future Fashounds fund will be…

Project Galgo!

Founded as a UK registered charity in 2022 by Helena Jackson, Project Galgo is a small, volunteer led, not-for-profit rescue organisation dedicated to relieving and preventing the suffering of predominantly Galgos and Podencos (Spanish sighthounds) as well as Salukis.

We have been following Project Galgo from the early days and have been impressed by how much they have achieved in such a short time. Thanks to them, around 200 dogs have come to the UK and started their journey into the sweet life by joining their foster families.

To learn more about Project Galgo’s mission you can visit the About page on their website.

Project Galgo have partnered with three Galgo rescues based in South Spain we know very well due to our family connections with Andalucia – Fundacion Benjamin Mehnert, Galgos del Sur and Galgos en Familia.

Please take a moment to find out more about Project Galgo by visiting them on their Instagram page, Facebook page or by visiting their website at projectgalgo.com.

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All Our Donations

Sep 2023RIGHT (Rehoming Irish Greyhounds Team)Ireland£301.00
Sep 2023CACWGASUK£80.00
Jul 2023Greyhound Rescue WalesUK£177.00
April 2023Galgos Del SurSpain£240.00
Jan 2023Hector’s Greyhound RescueUK£370.00
Sep 2022Fundación Benjamin MehnertSpain£242.00
Jul 2022Scottish Greyhound SanctuaryUK£129.00
Future Fashounds Launched!
Feb 2022Hector’s Greyhound RescueUK£17.00
Jan 2022Tia RescueUK£50.00
Jan 2022Amazing GreysAustralia£55.81
Jan 2022Fundación Benjamín MehnertSpain£50.00
Dec 2021Hector’s Greyhound RescueUK£40.00
Aug 2021Hector’s Greyhound RescueUK£75.00
Mar 2021Candy Cane RescueUK£50.00
Dec 2020Hector’s Greyhound RescueUK£50.00