Celebrating Two Years of Blas & Co with Our Biggest Launch Ever!

So Many Fashionable New Goodies

When we told you we wanted to make our two year anniversary a memorable one, we weren’t joking! We have just launched over 40 new products across our range of Sighthound T-shirts, Greyhound Jumpers, Snoods, Bandanas and Hair Accessories!

The New Everyday Range

Are you just looking for dog clothing that is simple but will still do the job well? Has plain fabrics that won’t clash with your harness or T-shirt? Or maybe you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on quality?

Then our Everyday range of clothing and accessories are perfect for you!

Simple, durable, budget friendly and with no compromise on quality!

Made from premium organic cotton fabrics and available in nine beautiful colours – we now offer this range on t-shirts, Greyhound Jumpers, snoods, bandanas and scrunchies, with more product lines to be added in the future.

Our Biggest Greyhound Product Launch Ever!

Everyday Hound Jumpers

Super stretchy and warm cotton jersey jumpers made from plain fabrics in nine stunning colours.

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Our Biggest Greyhound Product Launch Ever!

Everyday Hound T-shirts

Our signature snug fit t-shirts made with stretchy cotton jersey, now available in nine stunning plain colours.

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Our Biggest Greyhound Product Launch Ever!

Everyday Accessories

Fleece Snoods for hoomans and hounds, Bandanas for long necks on those warmer days, and matching hair accessories to complete the perfect look!

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New Product Alterations & Add-ons

Every sighthound is different and sometimes you need something a little different to our standard garments. The ability to choose from select add-ons now means you can make your Blas & Co clothing fit your fashounds requirements even more perfectly.

For the Delicate Hounds out There

Putting clothing on your sighthound can sometimes be a difficult task when they have old injuries, arthritis or are simply transitioning from kennels to the pampered life.

After a soft launch during the summer months to very positive feedback, we now officially have the “Easy-fit” option as an add-on you can purchase for any of our Greyhound and Whippet T-shirts.

Our Biggest Greyhound Product Launch Ever!

Easy-fit Hound T-shirt Belly Alteration

Could your hound do with something a bit easier to put on This alteration will modify any of our Hound T-shirts to make things a bit easier.

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Custom Vinyl Name Printing

Would you like to make your Blas & Co clothing and accessories even more unique and special to you?!

You can now personalise selected products with your sighthounds name! All of the products in our new Everyday Range of Sighthound T-shirts, Greyhound Jumpers, Snoods and Bandanas can have your chosen name added. Plus the super cool The Rebel clothing can also get this new add-on!

Our Biggest Greyhound Product Launch Ever!

Name Printing Add-on

You can now personalise select t-shirts with your sighthounds name in one of four amazing fonts!

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Matchy Matchy Hair Accessories!

Good news for the matchy-matchy lovers out there! You can now order scrunchies to match your hound’s t-shirt, Greyhound Jumper or snood – how amazing is that?! Perfect for those Autumn walks…

Our Biggest Greyhound Product Launch Ever!

Hooman Scrunchies

Scrunchies are a great way to prevent hair breakage or kinks, and add a matchy matchy theme to your wardrobe!

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All this is only scratching the surface of this amazing new range of products. We have new T-shirt fabrics as well as a few brand new ranges of Greyhound Jumpers.

There is so much to see you just HAVE to check it out!

One More Thing…

Please don’t forget that £1 for every t-shirt or jumper you buy will directly help another hound find their forever home via our Future Fashounds initiative – one more reason to splash out this Autumn!

We cannot thank you enough for joining us on this Blas & Co journey! We hope you enjoy all the new goodies!

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