Easy Fitting Greyhound Pyjamas for Older Dogs

Older Greyhounds can need a bit of help staying warm and comfortable in their later years, but that doesn’t mean they have to give up wearing Greyhound pyjamas. Our easy fitting Greyhound pyjamas make it super easy!

Older dogs are much more likely to suffer from conditions such as arthritis and painful joints. As well as the very common grumpy-old-hound syndrome!, which means they often cannot wear all the clothing they used to.

If you have an older Greyhound and are looking for the perfect set of pyjamas, or maybe a nice t-shirt for those chilly morning walks, we just have what you need…

Common Ailments of Older Greyhounds

There are some very common ailments that Greyhounds and Whippets can suffer from as they get old.

Greyhound Arthritis & Joint Pain

Years of hard racing and living in cold, concrete kennels mean that Greyhounds joints take a bit of a beating in the first half of their lives, and they tend to suffer from many joint-related conditions as they age.

It is very common to see old Greyhounds that cannot stand still for very long, begin losing strength in their back legs, and even struggling to stand up after a long nap.

Greyhound resting her head on another greyhound, looking in to the camera

It’s important to keep an eye out to see if they are struggling, and being ready to give them some help when they need it.

Feeling the Cold

Old Greyhounds also find it even harder than usual to keep warm during colder weather. 

While it is true that most sighthounds are not good at maintaining their body temperature, this can be even more pronounced in older sighthounds and they can start to feel the cold more and more.

A Greyhound curled up into a little ball because they are feeling cold in winter

Our oldie boy Mozzie, currently 11 years old, has needed a little help to stay warm for the last few years on all but the warmest nights. His poor little ears are almost always cold to the touch.

How to Keep Older Greyhounds Comfortable

It can be heartbreaking to see our little babies learning to live with old age, but there are things that you can do to help them keep comfortable and to ensure they maintain their quality of life.

Easing Aching Joints & Bones

It is important that your sighthound always has access to a soft and comfy place to lie down, where they feel safe and can relax.

Old and achy bones will always appreciate a nice cosy bed, and it will prevent their joints from rubbing on hard surfaces and causing further pain and discomfort.

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co jumper and curled up in a cosy donut bed

If your dog is suffering from arthritis it is important to ensure they get regular, easy exercise to keep their joints moving, and that you listen to them when they tell you they have had enough.

Keep an eye on your Greyhounds weight as they age. Older joints aren’t able to handle as much additional stress, and weight gain can cause more pressure on their joints.

If they start to gain weight you can adjust their food intake and keep them at a comfortable level. 

Two Greyhounds eating dinner outside while wearing Blas & Co clothing

Your vet will be able to work with you to create a plan for managing your dog’s arthritis so it’s important that you keep them in the loop.

They will also be able to recommend new foods specifically designed for senior dogs, and possibly joint supplements, if your dog needs them to fight off stiffness.

Warm & Protective Clothing

There are several things you can do to help keep your Greyhound warm in colder weather, but most effective in the long run is to invest in some Greyhound jumpers and/or pyjamas/t-shirts to sleep in.

This will provide them with a layer of warmth and protection when the temperature drops and for most old Greyhounds this will be all that is needed.

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co pyjamas in the Scottish highlands

The down side of most styles of Greyhound pyjamas is the need to bend and manipulate their delicate legs to put them on. Older dogs especially can struggle with this as they are not as flexible and supple as they used to be.

To combat this, and to ensure that those dogs that need pyjamas the most are still able to get them, we created our easy fitting Greyhound pyjamas

Easy Fitting Greyhound Pyjamas Designed for Older Dogs

Available for any of our Greyhound and Whippet T-shirts/Pyjamas, our “Easy-fit” alteration means you won’t have to bend or stretch your dog’s legs to put their pyjamas on ever again!

It truly is the best way to keep your older Greyhound or Whippet warm and protected without causing them any pain or discomfort.

Blas & Co Easy-fit Belly alteration for Old Greyhounds and Whippets with arthritis

Easy-fit Hound T-shirt Belly Alteration

Could your hound do with something a bit easier to put on? This alteration will modify any of our Hound T-shirts to make things a bit easier.

Buy Now!

Simply add the above “Easy-fit Hound T-shirt Belly Alteration” product to your basket, alongside each t-shirt you want altered, and we will make it happen!

It’s never easy to watch your companion learning to live with the ups and downs of old age. But that no longer means they have to give up being the fashound that they are used to.

Do you want to know more about our easy fitting Greyhound pyjamas? Please get in touch or come visit us on Instagram or Facebook, and we will be more than happy to help.

In the meantime we hope you and your hounds continue to enjoy your time together for many years to come!

Greyhound laying sideways on a comfy sofa looking into the camera with silly ears
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