Future Fashounds Update (April 2023)

Welcome to the end of the winter season, and the sun is once again shining strong enough to start warming the bones on those morning walks!

Dog meet ups are in full swing and it’s wonderful to see all the Greyhounds in need of homes getting out and about again – spending time leaning on their future hound owners!

Future Fashounds Results

­As you may know, we created the Future Fashounds initiative to formalise our commitment to helping give back to the hounds which we all love and adore so much, and enable us to be transparent in showing you what effect your purchases are directly having on the wider sighthound community.

We are very thankful with how busy you have kept us throughout the beginning of 2023, and are delighted to announce that, with your help, we have raised an incredible £240 for Galgos Del Sur! 👏

The work they do is truly amazing and is changing the lives of so many Galgos – we honestly cannot thank you enough for your help with this latest donation.

­­Greyhound Rescue Wales

­With that being said, it is our absolute pleasure to announce that the beneficiary of the Q2 2023 (April through June) Future Fashounds fund will be Greyhound Rescue Wales!

We at Blas & Co feel like our vision and mission for helping Greyhounds and other sighthounds are very much aligned with those of Greyhound Rescue Wales.

We are incredibly happy to be supporting this organisation, who do so much good for the hounds we all love and adore, and we hope you will spare a few minutes to learn more about them by visiting their website at greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk.

Greyhound Rescue Wales have been very clear in their opposition towards Greyhound racing since they put their official stance to a membership vote in March 2022, and we find this very inspiring.

Greyhound Rescue Wales have a lot of information on their website about why they seek a ban on Greyhound racing, and we encourage you to read more about it here: greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk/our-stance-on-racing.

Achieving a ban on this activity has become a core part of their strategy for the future, which we fully support at Blas & Co.

The most popular campaign that this organisation has supported is the #CutTheChase campaign from September 2022, led by Dogs Trust, Blue Cross and the RSPCA, to achieve a total ban on greyhound racing.

You can also find them on Instagram @greyhound_rescue_wales and on Facebook @GreyhoundRescueWales.

A huge thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for all your support.

You are making a real difference to sighthounds across the world.

Man holding a Galgo as they focus on something in the distance
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