Get Ready for the Autumn Fashounding Season in Style!

Summer is (almost) over and here at Blas & Co we have worked hard behind the scenes to bring you another extraordinary collection to delight all the fashounds out there!

New Seasonal and Spooky Prints Now Available

Whether you are after a cosy Autumnal outfit, or want to fully immerse your hound in the Halloween spirit, here at Blas & Co we have you covered. 

We have launched three limited edition seasonal t-shirts: Autumn Vibes, Toil and Trouble and Spooky Party just for you – and yes, we are very aware of how tough it is going to be to pick just one of these beautiful Autumnal t-shirts!

If you are after a long sleeved jumper for the cooler months we have designed two beautiful outfits in organic cotton waffle jersey too!

You really are spoilt for choice this year 🙂

The Cheese Tax Collaboration!

To kickstart this year’s t-shirt weather in true Blas & Co style we are launching two wonderful, special edition, Cheese Tax Hound T-shirts in collaboration with with Goldie Design Studio.

Illustration of two greyhounds wearing Blas & Co Cheese Tax Hound T-shirts

Tay Gould, owner of Goldie Design Studio, is a Cheshire based architectural designer/illustrator who creates the most beautiful artwork inspired by her lovely dogs, Chester (a rescued Lurcher) and Honey (an adopted Red Fox Labrador Retriever).

Tay is well known in the sighthound community for her super cute illustrations which she offers as prints, stickers, greetings cards and custom portraits. She will soon be launching a new Fashound collection with loads of lovely items which is super exciting!

Here at Blas & Co we are big fans of her work, so we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on such a unique and beautiful project! 

Inspired by the illustrations from her Cheese Tax! Sticker Pack, we have been working hard behind the scenes to create these amazing Hound T-shirts!

We have named each t-shirt after a famous cheese from our local counties, which makes it feel even more unique. 

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co Shropshire Blue Cheese Tax Hound T-shirt

Shropshire Blue Cheese Tax Hound T-shirt

Named after a famous cheese local to us – with our Studio based in Shrewsbury we just had to name this print after the delicious Shropshire Blue!

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Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co Red Cheshire Cheese Tax Hound T-shirt

Red Cheshire Cheese Tax Hound T-shirt

Named after a famous cheese local to Tay Gould, the illustrator behind Goldie Design Studio.

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We honestly cannot think of a single dog who doesn’t love cheese and there is a colour to suit everyone – we really hope you like the fruits of our collaboration. 

Whether you go for Shropshire Blue or Red Cheshire, make sure to follow the Cheese Tax rules – we think you should even consider paying a higher tax if your hound is wearing one of these beauties!

Our Everyday Range Keeps Growing!

If you are looking for dog clothing that is simple, durable, budget friendly and does not compromise on quality, then our Everyday Range is the answer.

It’s been so popular since we launched it last year that we have decided to add three more colours to the full range!

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co Everyday Hound T-shirt in Orange

Made from premium organic cotton fabrics, the Everyday range is now also available in Orange, Pistachio and Navy Blue, on top of the nine colours we already offered: Black, Red, Green, Fuchsia, Steel Blue, Azure Blue, Yellow, Peach and Khaki.

And don’t forget that you can always jazz up your Everyday t-shirt or jumper and make it unique by adding your dog’s name with our Printed Name add-on!

One for the Nervous Hounds Out There!

With most Greyhounds coming to the pet life after racing, and generally after having very little socialisation and awareness of the outside world, it is common to find behavioural challenges, with reactivity being at the top of the list. 

Even those of you that have had sighthounds since they were puppies may still experience reactivity issues at some point.

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co nervous hound t-shirt

The colour yellow has become an ally in raising awareness and understanding of dogs who need a little extra space. You may have noticed dogs wearing yellow lead covers, collars and bandanas as you walk around. 

With that in mind, last Spring we launched a special t-shirt that was specifically designed to help you spread awareness, at a distance, to other dog owners when you are out on your walks.

The design was welcomed by many and now we are also offering this design as a jumper now that the temperatures are starting to drop.

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co Reactive/Nervous Awareness Hound Jumper

Reactive/Nervous Awareness Hound Jumper

We have designed this jumper with all those nervous and reactive hounds in mind, to help you spread awareness to other dog owners when you are out on your walks.

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You can choose different wording depending on your needs, and if you want some specific wording you can always reach out to discuss your requirements. 

It’s Snood Season! New Designs Now Available 

As we approach the colder months of the year, snood season is in full swing and keeping your hounds long necks warm is getting all the more important!

We find snoods particularly useful for caravanning and camping adventures, when the temperature drops significantly overnight. 

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co 90s Vibe Fleece Snood

We wanted to kickstart Autumn with a number of new designs added to our snood offering, now that we have said goodbye to a few t-shirt prints throughout the first half of 2023. 

To continue our commitment to sustainability, we are offering a small batch of snoods made using remnants of fabrics from t-shirts and jumpers in previous collections.

This enables us to put these smaller pieces of fabric to a good use and helps us reduce waste and our impact on the environment.

Check out the four new designs here – there is something for every hound! 

Cuddlepillar Bunting Anyone?

Sometimes what starts as a one-off custom order for one of your hounds, turns into a new product for everyone!

Our Personalised Cuddlepillar Bunting is a perfect example – we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to offer such a fantastic bunting to the wider community.

Blas & Co Personalised Cuddlepillar Bunting

Personalised Cuddlepillar Bunting

The perfect accessory for that special corner of your house where your hound likes to snuggle with their cuddlepillar, or to celebrate special occasions like your dog’s birthday and gotcha days!

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This is a beautiful piece of decor to celebrate your hound’s birthdays and gotcha days over the years, or simply to use as a permanent decoration above your dog’s bed!

Your Purchases Directly Help Other Sighthounds

Before you go, we wanted to take a moment to remind you that the beneficiary of our Future Fashounds fund this quarter is the wonderful RIGHT (Rehoming Irish Greyhounds Team).

We came across RIGHT thanks to a number of our regular customers who regularly act as foster families from them or have adopted their greyhounds from this wonderful small organisation.

£1 from every item of clothing you buy from us goes into the Future Fashounds fund, and so directly helps another hound find their furever home.

Thank you again, and we hope you are ready for the best season of the year!

Carmen, Hoodad and Dora


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