New Printed Greyhound & Whippet Pyjamas!

This week we are releasing an exciting new range of products we have been developing in our studio for the last couple of months, and we are so excited to finally be able to share them with you!

From today you can now order printed pyjamas/t-shirts in our super soft and stretchy organic cotton jersey fabric – with a number of different print designs available. The prints are made from vinyl specially designed for stretchy fabric for durability and comfort. 

This new range aims to celebrate the joy of welcoming greyhounds or whippets into your lives and they focus on experiences that, as sighthound lovers, you will definitely relate to!

Gotcha Day Celebrations

For anyone who has adopted a Printed Greyhound & Whippet Pyjamas the day you bring them home will be celebrated every year in what is commonly known as their ‘gotcha day’.

The anniversary of your sighthound’s adoption date is an important and emotional milestone and should be celebrated as such! We have two new designs which are perfect for this…

If your greyhound or whippet is known for zooming around the garden, field or beach then the new ‘Zooming Since’ tee is perfect for you, but if roaching on the bed/sofa is more your sighthound’s thing then ‘Roaching Since’ is what you’re after!

Organic Printed Greyhound Pyjamas/T-shirt - Zooming Since - Blas & Co - Greyhound Clothing

Both of these designs can be created with any year you choose to help add that personal touch and remind you of the year your hound found their furever home.

Organic Printed Greyhound Pyjamas/T-shirt - Roaching Since - Blas & Co - Greyhound Clothing

I personally get very emotional every November when we celebrate the ‘gotcha day’ of both our sweet greyhounds. We tend to talk about the vivid memories we have from the day we went to visit them at the kennels, the first walk, and the first day at home.


Before we adopted our first greyhound we had been told several times that greyhounds and whippets don’t shed. Their coat comes in one layer of short and silky fur – it makes sense to think they don’t. 

Organic Printed Greyhound & Whippet Pyjamas/T-shirt - Greyhounds Don't Shed - Blas & Co - Greyhound & Whippet Clothing

You may not end up with tumbleweeds of fur around your house but you will quickly realise – sighthounds do shed! Just moderately when compared to some other breeds…

Over the years we have noticed that this myth is regularly busted on social media, with loads of pictures of greyhounds/whippets and the copious amount of hair shedded after a grooming session. So we felt we needed a pyjamas/t-shirt for all the shedders out there, so they can cover this design with their fur for all to see!

Click here to see this beautiful pyjamas/t-shirt

Peachy Bum

If you follow us on our social media accounts, you will know how much we like greyhounds’ bums – from furry bums with swirls to very baldy bums, and let’s not forget about the spotty ones!

Organic Printed Greyhound Pyjamas/T-shirt - Peachy Bum - Blas & Co - Greyhound Clothing

Why are we obsessed with that part of our dog’s body? Perhaps it’s because all you really see when you are taking them for a walk is their rear end, so you actually end up looking at their bums for quite a long time! 

With this ‘Peachy Bum’ pyjamas/t-shirt you literally turn your greyhound or whippet into a giant peach for everyone to enjoy and admire!

Click here to see this cute pyjamas/t-shirt

Sniffari Time

Something that probably every dog owner is fully familiar with is how much time is spent smelling every corner, lamp post or bush during a given walk. When you start a walk you always know it’s going to happen, you just don’t know how long it will take!

Organic Printed Greyhound & Whippet Pyjamas/T-shirt - Sniffari Time - Blas & Co - Greyhound & Whippet Clothing

The term ‘sniffari’ (which comes from the combination of ‘sniff’ and ‘saffari’) is well known within the greyhound community and it refers to a scent walk in which you let your dog explore their surroundings with their nose. This is a super important activity for their everyday health because sniffing has many benefits such as lowering their heart rate, helping to relieve stress, mental stimulation and preventing boredom.

This pyjamas/t-shirt is the perfect outfit to wear during your daily walks – whenever you are standing up in your local park whilst your greyhound or whippet is smelling every piece of grass there is to smell, you will look at their bum and be reminded that this is their precious sniffari time.

Click here to see this pyjamas/t-shirt

Very British

Organic Printed Greyhound Pyjamas/T-shirt - Very British - Blas & Co - Greyhound Clothing

Inspired by the famous ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ motivational poster, this pyjamas/t-shirt design is perfect for the jubilee celebrations taking place in early June this year! We have picked the Union Jack colours – red, white and blue – for this design, making this a ‘Very British’ tee indeed.

This design shows a little heart containing a paw print, and the phrase ‘Keep Calm and Hug a Hound’. Whenever things don’t go as expected I find myself gravitating towards my hounds and seeking comfort in them, and from speaking to other greyhound and whippet mums do the same. That personal experience led me to design this print. 

Click here to see this pyjamas/t-shirt

I hope the quote speaks to other pawrents as much as it speaks to me, and that it can become a reminder for when things get tough – hug your hound and you will feel better instantly!

Is That All?!

That’s all for now – 5 fun designs to add to our range along with the new “Printed Pyjamas/T-shirt” concept…

The only question is… which one is ‘the one’ for your greyhound or whippet?!

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