New Spring Collection Now Available!

Spring is finally here and April showers are in full swing. Which means long walks in the beautiful countryside and green green grass is on the menu!

To celebrate this exciting time of year (and marking the 2nd anniversary of our website launch!) we have a truly wonderful collection of products to show you.

Greyhound Vests

We are super happy to announce that Greyhound Vests are now available for sale!

Some of you have been asking about Vests for your sighthounds for a while now, so I have been working behind the scenes for the last few months to make it happen.

For the moment they are only available in Greyhound sizes (sorry to all our Whippet friends), but we aim to design Whippet sized vests in the near future if they prove popular.

To start with we are launching vests as part of our Everyday Range, as well as a very special, and super cosy, Jurassic Stars design.

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co Everyday Hound Vest in Red

Everyday Hound Vest

Made from premium organic cotton fabrics and available in a range of beautiful colours, our Everyday Vests are simple, durable, budget friendly and don’t compromise on quality.

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Greyhound wearing a bright blue Blas & Co Vest, with dinosaurs and star constellations

Jurassic Stars Hound Vest

Incredibly soft and cosy fabric with an undeniably cute dino pattern – ideal for the Spring months!

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New Printed T-shirts

We first launched our unique Printed Greyhound & Whippets T-shirts this time last year and the response was both amazing and a little overwhelming!

Well it’s that time of year again, and it’s time for a range of new printed t-shirts for your hounds!

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co printed who rescued who? hound t-shirt

Who Rescued Who? Hound T-shirt

This t-shirt is a tribute to all the goodness there is in this world when you open your heart to a rescue dog. In many ways they are the ones who rescue us!

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Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co Salad Bar Hound T-shirt

Salad Bar Hound T-shirt

A fun design for all the grass eaters out there, that will definitely make people smile as they walk on by while you’re visiting the Salad Bar!

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Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co It's Called Fashound Hound T-shirt

It’s Called Fashound Hound T-shirt

A tribute to all the noodles out there who have a better wardrobe than their human slaves, and who turn heads when they stroll down the street wearing their latest garments

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Please take a look at our full range of Printed Greyhound & Whippet T-shirts.

Nervous & Reactive Warning T-shirt

With most Greyhounds coming to the pet life after racing, and generally with very little socialisation and awareness of the outside world, it is common to find behavioural challenges among rescue Greyhounds, with reactivity being at the top of the list. 

The colour yellow has become an ally to raise awareness and understanding of dogs who need space.

With that in mind, today we are launching a very special t-shirt designed to help you spread awareness to other dog owners when you are out on your walks.

You can choose different wording depending on your needs, and if you want some specific wording we don’t offer please reach out and we will be happy to help.

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co nervous hound t-shirt

Nervous Hound T-shirt

This bright t-shirt with a clear message can help make your walks more manageable, as people spot you from further away and realise you and your hound need a bit of extra space.

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Beautiful, Spring-inspired Designs

The fact that sighthounds need coats, jumpers and pyjamas to protect their delicate bodies throughout the seasons is well known among Greyhound parents. But who said their clothing needed to be boring or ill-fitted?!

Say hello to our beautiful new Spring Greyhound & Whippet T-shirts for 2023!

You have been asking for a floral Blas & Co designs for ages and it is finally time for you to get your wish! Along with some super cute Geese wearing wellies and splashing in puddles… naturally!

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co spring symphony hound t-shirt

Spring Symphony Hound T-shirt

Depicting a gorgeous garden full of flowers in full bloom, and little bees looking for pollen, this beautiful fabric is a real head turner.

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Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co fowl weather hound t-shirt

Silly Goose Hound T-shirt

All about April’s showers, avoiding puddles and enjoying beautiful rainbows. In honour of Spring we bring you a super fun fabric for all the fashounds out there!

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One Last Thing…

A Blas & Co product launch wouldn’t be complete without a whimsical twist, right?!

Greyhound wearing a Blas & Co Cuddlepillar Hound T-shirt

Cuddlepillar Hound T-shirt

Affectionately known as a ‘Cuddlepillar’ in the sighthound community, the giant stuffed toy is the perfect pillow for couch potatoes.

Inspired by their multicolour design, this is the perfect pyjama/t-shirt for sofa time with the family!

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We really hope you love the new products in this launch as much as we do!

Remember to get in quick as some of these designs are pretty limited and sell out fast!

Your Purchases Help Save Lives

Before you go, we wanted to take a moment to remind your that the beneficiary of our Future Fashounds fund this quarter is the amazing Greyhound Rescue Wales.

We are incredibly happy to be supporting this organisation, who do so much good for the hounds we all love and adore, and take a very solid stance on banning Greyhound Racing.

£1 from every item of clothing you buy from us goes into the Future Fashounds fund, and so directly helps another hound find their furever home.

Thank you again, and we hope you enjoy the Spring weather!

Carmen, Hoodad, Mozzie and Dora

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