Meet Local Greyhounds at the New Shrewsbury Sighthound Sundays Walk!

Do you have a sighthound in the Shropshire/Powys area and want to meet other Hoomans and fall in love with even more hounds?! Then we have great news!

Carmen and I (Hoodad) are organising a new Sighthound Sundays event that will take place in Shrewsbury, every month, for you to meet new Hoomans and introduce your sighthound to loads of new friends!

What Is Sighthound Sundays?

Sighthound Sundays is a monthly walking group for sighthounds and their pawrents.

It was first started in East London by Kathy and Nick (and Max!) when they saw an appetite for more regular sighthound gatherings after the success of the Great Global Greyhound Walk.

The first official Sighthound Sundays walk took place on 1st July 2018 in Victoria Park, and has grown to many locations and hundreds of hounds since, supported by a core group of event organisers across the country.

A group of Greyhounds and their owners in The Quarry park, Shrewsbury, on a sunny day

Sighthound Sundays raises money via donations to attend the monthly events as well as other fundraising activities, and different charities are chosen each month.

In 2022 alone they donated over £4,000 to dog rescues and rehoming centres in the UK and abroad – which is just incredible!

When Is the Shrewsbury Walk?

For the first Shrewsbury event we are meeting on March 5th 2023 at 10:30 am, with the walk starting at around 10:45 am.

We hope to host a walk on/around the first Sunday of every month at this same time, conditions permitting, but please double check the final details on the Meetup event page each month just in case.

Where Is the Shrewsbury Walk?

The first Sighthound Sundays Shrewsbury event is taking place at The Quarry in the town centre, starting from the bottom of The Quarry, down by the river next to the Port Hill Suspension Bridge and Coffee Evolution.

Sighthound Sundays Is Coming to Shrewsbury!

The route takes us across the Port Hill Suspension Bridge, along the river past the Pergwern and Shrewsbury School Boat Clubs, across the Kingsland Bridge and past the Shrewsbury High School. Re-entering The Quarry at the top, we will walk around The Dingle and stop at the Bandstand for a group photo, finishing off along the river back to the start point.

The route takes approximately 45 minutes (depending on delays due to sniffari time!) and is very flat apart from one set of steps to get up to the Kingsland Bridge (this can be avoided if needed, please talk to us on the day if you would prefer to avoid these).

Weather permitting we will stop for coffee and a chat afterwards at Coffee Evolution if you want to join us!

Please bear in mind that the walks may not always take place at this same location so don’t forget to double check the final details on the Meetup event page each month just in case.

How Many Sighthounds Will Be There?

This will be the first Shrewsbury event so to be honest we have no idea! 

We have capped the attendance of this first walk to 20 hoomans to make sure that we are able to do it safely and get everyone familiar with the idea – both Hound owners and other park users alike! – but we don’t know yet if we will be able to reach those sorts of numbers.

A women walking 5 Greyhounds through the Dingle, in the Quarry park in Shrewsbury

How Do I Attend?

Each Sighthound Sundays event is ticketed, so you will need to sign up on the official Meetup page for each event you want to attend.

There is a donation amount of £4 to attend, which will go towards the chosen charities for that month. For more information on the Sighthound Sundays Fund, please see here

Free street parking is available for 2 hours around Woodfield Road (SY3 8HZ) and is a 5 minute walk from the start. Alternatively the Frankwell Council Car Park is free on Sundays and has plenty of space, and is a 10 minute walk.

We will try to ensure everyone has arrived before we set off so we don’t leave anyone behind, but please try to get there before 10:30 am. We cannot set off any later than 10:45 am.

We really hope you consider attending the new Shrewsbury walk if you are able to make it, we know Mozzie and Dora would be happy to meet you!

Two friendly Greyhounds saying hello to a crazy little Whippet

Either way please spread the word to any other local hounds that you think might be interested.

Visit the Sighthound Sundays Meetup group to find out about upcoming events across the country, and register to attend a walk.

You can also find out more information on Sighthound Sundays by visiting their website at, or you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

We hope to see you all at the next Shrewsbury event!

Three Greyhounds looking at the camera, probably expecting treatos!

One last thing…

I just want to make clear that Sighthound Sundays and Blas & Co are not officially affiliated with each other. Carmen and I, as Greyhound lovers, just believe in what they are doing and always enjoy the company of sighthounds and their owners.

Hosting a walk in our hometown is something we have wanted to do for a long time, and it made perfect sense to work with the wonderful folks at Sighthound Sundays to do it – helping charities and rescues in the process.

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