The Perfect Greyhound Pyjamas for Autumn

The September equinox was a few days ago… The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping… Autumn is upon us (at least in the northern hemisphere!) Autumn can be a beautiful time of year, and for those of us whose greyhounds are full time fashionistas this is our time to shine – it’s Greyhound Pyjamas time!

Luckily we at Blas & Co have been working hard behind the scenes to create some fresh new outfits for you, just in time! We have three unique and beautiful new designs to add to your Greyhound pyjamas collection. All super stretchy, soft and cosy jerseypyjamas to keep your dog warm during those cold nights and fresh morning walks. 

Say Hello to Polo Necks!

Greyhound wearing Wildlife Sanctuary pyjamas

Along with the new designs today we are also introducing a brand new polo neck option across our entire range of greyhound pyjamas and t-shirts! So you can now order any item of greyhound clothing with either our standard crew neck or the new polo neck design (or turtle neck for you pawrents across the pond!) to help keep your greyhound snuggly and warm throughout the colder months of the year. 

Our polo necks are very versatile – you can fold it back on itself to have a thicker layer around the neck for added warmth, or take advantage of the full length. The latter is particularly useful at night, when your greyhound may benefit from having their ears covered. 

Brand newGreyhound pyjamas designs

Searching for the perfect fabric across a number of our core suppliers is my favourite part of the process. Sometimes I already have an idea of what it is I want to convey in my designs, and spend hours going through the options in the market until I find the perfect match. That’s exactly what happened with “Forest Adventure” and “Arctic Night”, which perfectly represent the seasons of autumn and winter respectively. 

Forest Adventure

Greyhound wearing Wildlife Sanctuary pyjamas

Forest Adventure” conjures up memories of walking through the woodlands covered by leaves, and spotting wild animals. It brings together our signature organic dots fabric in a very autumnal rust colour, combined with the softest of organic light teal cotton jersey for the body – with a mixture of bears, deers, hares and foxes.

The pyjamas are finished off with a mustard cuffing which goes beautifully with the teal and rust colours, and altogether they produce that perfect autumnal feeling. 

Arctic Night

Greyhound wearing Polar Night pyjamas

Arctic Night” is this year’s winter themed design. This pyjama brings together our signature white dashes fabric with a truly gorgeous navy blue body with a polar bear and night time sky pattern. If you know your art it might remind you of the impressionist movement and particularly of The Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh.

To finish off this design, I opted for bright yellow trimming which creates a lovely contrast when combined with the navy blue and white fabrics.

Pastel Harmonies

The final design we have just released has a very different origin. Almost a happy accident! We were contacted by a very loyal customer who was looking for something very special, and we worked together to pick just the right fabric for her greyhound. Once I saw the fabric with my own eyes and the bespoke greyhound pyjamas were handcrafted it became obvious we had to add it to our collection for everyone to enjoy.

Greyhound wearing Pastel Power pyjamas

Pastel Harmonies” pyjamas are made using a beautiful fabric featuring subtle washes of pastel colours – a pyjama that will certainly be a head-turner!

These greyhound pyjamas are offered in both a lightweight jersey cotton, similar to the rest of our collection, or a slightly thicker but otherwise very similar stretch fabric called French Terry, which has a soft and plush texture on the inner side of the fabric for greater comfort.

So that’s it! New designs for those of you who love to celebrate the autumn/winter months, and new neck options across our entire range if you already have your eye on something but want a bit more warmth for those morning walks.

We really hope you love our new prints as much as we do! Please let us know if you have any questions by getting in touch.

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