How To Choose The Right Sized Whippet Pyjamas

It’s very important to choose the correct size for your Whippet Pyjamas and T-shirts.

Too big and they will not provide as much warmth, risk getting snagged on something during zoomies, and just generally look untidy.

Too small and they won’t let your Whippet stretch and roach as they need, becoming uncomfortable to wear.

Here at Blas & Co we are very proud of the close fitting clothing we have designed, which perfectly fits the unique shape of a Whippets body while also being super stretchy.

This means they can keep your Whippet warm, protected and looking fantastic, no matter how extreme their zoomies are!

We offer Whippets clothing in 4 sizes to accommodate the majority of adult Whippets – plus other similar sighthound breeds such as Lurchers.

Remember we also offer our “Easy-fit Belly Alteration” for Whippets which do not like their legs being bent, or suffer from arthritis.

Choosing The Right Size For Your Whippet Clothing - Blas & Co - Greyhound & Whippet Clothing

Please note: The dimensions shown above are that of the garment itself, not the recommended size of your Whippet.

We use the same fit across our range of Pyjamas and T-shirts. So once you find a size that works for your dog you can be certain the fit will be the same no matter which garment you pick next time.


As a general rule of thumb, you should pick a size based upon the chest measurement of your dog, and our lengths usually fit perfectly based on this.

Your Whippets chest will spread out a bit when they are relaxed, laying down or roaching, so we recommend picking a size that is at least 1 to 2 cm (about half an inch) bigger than your hound’s actual chest size.

If this ends up in-between sizes pick a size based on your personal preference between a snug fit and a relaxed one, or if you are very unsure please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can make sure your hound gets the perfect fit.

Let’s talk a bit more about each of our sizes, and show you some examples

Small Size

Our ‘Small’ size is designed for whippets with chests between 47 and 51 cm (about 18.5 – 20 inches).

Medium Size

Our ‘Medium’ size is ideal for Whippets with chests between 52 and 55 cm (about 20 – 21.5 inches)

Tula is a beautiful female Whippet and she wears a Medium size. Her chest measures 54.5 cm and her back length is 47 cm from the base of her neck to the beginning of her tail.

Organic Greyhound Pyjamas/T-shirt - Pink Polka Dots - Blas & Co - Greyhound Clothing

Larger Whippets can still fit in a Medium if you want a very snug fit, particularly because the material is very stretchy, but you want to ensure your Whippet is going to be comfortable at all times.

Large Size

Our ‘Large’ size fits most Whippets in our experience, and is perfect for Whippets whose chests are between 56 and 60 cm (about 22 – 23.5 inches)

Organic Greyhound Pyjamas/T-shirt - Sage Polka Dots - Blas & Co - Greyhound Clothing

Casey is wearing a Sage Polka Dot Whippet T-shirt. He has a chest measurement of 58 cm and his back length measures 56 cm.

Organic Greyhound Pyjamas/T-shirt - Pink Polka Dots - Blas & Co - Greyhound Clothing

Rio, seen wearing a Pink Polka Dot Whippet T-shirt in large, has a chest that measures 60 cm and a back that measures 52 cm.

X-Large Size

The biggest size we currently offer for Whippets is our ‘Extra-large’, and this most commonly fits Lurchers and Whippet/Greyhound crosses.

We recommend this size for chests between 61 and 64 cm (about 24 – 25 inches).

Which Whippet Pyjamas Size To Buy

As you can see there is a bit of crossover between sizes. This is so we can accommodate every Whippet possible in our range somewhere.

If your Whippet is between two sizes (for example with a chest size of 54 cm, 58 – 59 cm or 63 cm), pick a size based on your personal preference between a snug fit and a relaxed one.

You may have noticed that the focus of our measurements is on the chest size – in our experience this is the most important measurement for choosing the right size for your Whippet.

Our clothing is designed to start at the base of the neck and finish by covering a small amount of your dog’s tail.

In most cases the length of our standard sizes do this perfectly based on the chest measurement alone.

Please note: When you order a polo neck style the neck cuff is replaced with a cotton jersey polo neck, but this does not affect the final overall fit of the garment and the measurement should still be taken from the base of the neck.

But don’t worry, if your Whippet is a slightly shorter or longer than the average size our Whippet Pyjamas/T-shirts will still fit them just fine!

If your dog has particularly unique dimensions we are always happy to accommodate small variations from each size if needed. This is most commonly the case if you have a Whippet cross.

Please make sure you always contact us before placing an order if you’d like a custom size, so we can discuss your dog’s measurements and agree what alterations will be needed for you.

Whippet wearing Blas & Co Very Cherry Hound T-shirt
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