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Working together to make life better for all hounds

We have been lucky enough to work with some amazing artists, charities and Hoomans recently. Greyhound lovers really do make the best small business owners!

Goldie Design Studio Logo

Goldie Design Studio

Tay Gould is a Cheshire based architectural designer/illustrator and owner of Goldie Design Studio. She creates the most beautiful artwork inspired by her lovely dogs!

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Greyhound wearing a Bas & Co CACWGAS hound t-shirt

Camping & Caravanning with Greyhounds & Sighthounds

CACWGAS is a wonderful community of like-minded sighthound owners that love to go on outdoor adventures with there hounds.

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Bryony Moss and Blas & Co Collaboration Art

Bryony Moss

Bryony Moss is an amazing Illustrator and also Hoomum to the most beautiful moo-hound, Albert. Her work is widely regarded in the sighthound community and beyond for the unique way she portrays everyday events.

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Unique Collaborations with Amazing Artists | Blas & Co

Hector’s greyhound Rescue

Styled to match their website branding, and featuring a premium quality vinyl transfer of their logo, we are super proud of how this Greyhound t-shirt collaboration turned out and we hope you love it as much as we do!

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