Easy-fit Hound T-shirt Belly Alteration


Could your hound do with something a bit easier to put on?

This alteration will modify any of our Hound T-shirts to make things a bit easier.

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Our sleeveless Hound T-shirts are very stretchy and easy to put on thanks to the single elasticated leg hole, but some older dogs with arthritis, or those with injuries, can still struggle to get into their clothing.

This alteration adds an opening under the belly with a hook and loop strap securely sewn into the T-shirt. This enables you to put the T-shirt over your dog’s head and directly strap it closed around the belly without having to touch any delicate long legs.

The strap is then made extra secure with the addition of two matching popper fasteners.

This alteration is available as an add-on for the following products:

Please note:

  • This is an add-on product and can only be used if ordered alongside a participating product (see list above)
  • This product is for a single alternation. Please purchase one alteration per t-shirt
  • T-shirts are not included in this product

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dilys is a diva! 😂

Dilys is a diva! When she saw that her brother didn’t have to lift his legs into t shirts Dilys decided that she would refuse to lift her legs too! 🙆🏼‍♀️ Thankfully we could go to Carmen and ask her to make us a shirt for her with this adaptation and Dilys is now a happy girl! We’ve said before that this adaptation is the best thing since sliced bread! As always with Blas & Co the quality and finish is fantastic! Carmen has since adapted several of Dilys other Blas & Co T-shirts so that we can continue to use them! Thank you Carmen! 😘

Tabitha Burch
So easy

We get this for all our T-shirts as our greyhound is a bit funny about putting his legs into things and it works so well. Super easy and low profile so still comfy for him!

Janine Coles

Perfect for dogs who don’t like lifting their legs into t shirts. Great quality and finish.

Ellen Haydon
A fantastic concept

Before this invention I had to butcher two beautiful t-shirts from another maker to make them wearable since Buddy’s arthritis meant that he couldn’t bend his sticky legs to put the t-shirts on. This simple alteration has made dressing my big boy easy. A great idea!

Janine Coles
Best thing since sliced bread!

Basil our big boy really doesn’t like having his legs lifted through t shirts so this little innovation by Carmen has made him a very happy boy and he thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread! He now “asks” to have his t shirt put on. It is amazing quality and the finish is fantastic. We would 100% recommend this if your dog finds putting on t shirts a challenge!